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The Swing! by Tracy Reifkind

Watch Kettlebell in Motion
Watch kettlebell in motion
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The traditional Russian Kettlebell, with its trademark handle and bowling ball shape, allows for unprecedented flexibility in stylizing your full body workout.

Leaner. Stronger. Better.

  • Develop strength and flexibility.
  • Build an amazing cardiovascular system in minimal time.
  • Drop fat and get lean without aerobics.
  • Injury proof your back, knees and shoulders.
  • Train anywhere, anytime.

The Kettlebell Solution

Offering: Training with Mark Reifkind and Training with Tracy Reifkind.


New Video!
The Hammer Cast Ep. 451: Mark Reifkind on Longevity and Hitting BIG PRs in your 50s, 60s, and Beyond

The Strength to Endure

Mark Reifkind: A life in sport

Mark Reifkind Body Maintenance Workshop Digital Video

As an elite athlete in several sports, Mark Reifkind has his share of serious injuries, surgeries and chronic pain. Yet heís been able to recover far beyond expectations. In this three-hour workshop video, heíll show you what he did, and explain how these techniques can work for you or your clients. Get your copy today.

Energy, Mobility and Strength: Creating and maintaining them as we age

A Leg to Stand On ‐ Life After Total Knee Replacement

What is Girya?
Just the first kettlebell training facility in the county!

Hi, I'm Mark Reifkind and I own GiryaStrength/Cal Ave Personal Training at 217 California Ave, Palo Alto, California. Girya was the first kettlebell-centric studio in the country and we've been going strong now for 15 years. Girya is the Russian word for kettlebell and it's my favorite resistance tool for gaining strength, power, muscle, mobility and endurance at any age.

I do one on one training exclusively and have accumulated 35,000+ hours of personal training time in the last 25 years. Whatever your exercise or mobility needs are, I can help you.

Why kettlebells?

Kettlebells have been used for centuries in Russia. Pavel Tsatsouline, a former Russian special forces trainer, brought kettlebell training to America in year 2000 and it's now being embraced across the country by top fitness trainers, competitive athletes and ordinary folks who want results and are willing to work hard to get them.

The basic kettlebell exercise is the swing, a full-body workout we'll have you doing in your first ten minutes. Master trainer and Brazilian Jujitsu World Champion Steve Maxwell has said that "the perfect kettlebell swing is superior to 99% of all the sophisticated strength and conditioning programs." We agree.

What our clients say

"Mark is the dynamic combination of smart, skilled, and dedicated. He approaches each client as an individual — adapting sessions to suit that person's strengths and weaknesses. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of body mechanics and as a result can train for maximum results, without risking injury. I came to him with numerous joint problems; and I honestly didn't think I'd be able to manage a kettle bell, but he has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to first increase my mobility, then build muscle, strength, and stamina. It's a pleasure to work with somebody who is so good at his job: After nearly 11 years, I still look forward to every training session."

Nita Gill

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Who can benefit?

Everyone can benefit — tall, short, skinny, fat, man, woman, child, adult, elite athlete or couch (or desk chair) potato. Those who want to look big and strong or lean and mean or hot and sexy or fit and trim.

Well, actually, not quite everyone can benefit. Don't come to us if you're looking for an easy way out. Come only if you're prepared to work hard, have fun and get in the best shape you've ever been in.

Sound too good to be true? Come in for one visit and you be the judge.

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Let Your Real Body Break Through

The Swing by Tracy Reifkind

Tracy's genius is in creating a program based on a dynamic progression of easy-to-follow swing movements, from beginner to master - that will transform anyone, and I don't use "transform" lightly.

Timothy Ferriss
Author of the Bestselling
The 4-Hour Body


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