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"Mark is the dynamic combination of smart, skilled, and dedicated. He approaches each client as an individual — adapting sessions to suit that person's strengths and weaknesses. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of body mechanics and as a result can train for maximum results, without risking injury. I came to him with numerous joint problems; and I honestly didn't think I'd be able to manage a kettle bell, but he has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to first increase my mobility, then build muscle, strength, and stamina. I am stronger and leaner now than I ever thought imaginable and I am now very much in the swing with kettle bells. It's a pleasure to work with somebody who is so good at his job: After nearly two years, I still look forward to every training session."

Nita Gill

"Imagine how strong you would get if you expertly combined the best power tools of powerlifting, gymnastics, and Russian kettlebell lifting! I know only one strength coach who can do it right... Mark Reifkind."

Pavel Tsatsouline
Former Russian Special Forces Drill Instructor, Founder of the RKC School of Kettlebell training

"After shoulder surgery and conventional physical therapy, I went looking for a trainer to help me regain strength and flexibility. When I met Mark, I could barely lift my arm above shoulder level. Mark told me that I could rebuild — and even do 50 chinups someday. I doubted him, because I had lost so much strength during my injury, but I went along. Mark created a program specifically tailored to my ability and my available time. He helped me through the ups and downs of the process, teaching me that training never is a straight upward sloping line. Then, during one training session, a couple of years later, I did more than 50 chinups — just like Mark had said!"

Jim Timmins, venture capitalist

"Mark Reifkind is an incredibly innovative trainer. My daughters have worked with him for several years. Mark is the reason that one daughter was able to stay in gymnastics and the other is being recruited for Division 1 schools for both water polo and swimming. His knowledge of the structure and function of the human body combined with his understanding of kettlebells and other strengthening devices have made him an extremely effective fitness instructor."

Heidi Kucera, registered physical therapist

"Working with me only two days a week for an hour each session Mark achieved spectacular results without pain over a three year period. Mark gauged my response to loads with care so that I would progress as rapidly as possible while not straining myself. Once he added kettlebells to the routine, gains accelerated. Mark's combined mastery of power lifting, gymnastics, and kettlebell technique makes him a most effective trainer, especially for a beginner such as myself. "

Brian Hammerstein, New York City

"I started working with Mark over 6 years ago. I came to him with hyper mobile joints and significant pain and limitations in my body. As a result of working with Mark, I am stronger, more balanced, and more able to more fully participate in life. I unhesitatingly recommend him as a trainer. "

Nancy Levy

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